Strategy & ambition

The overall company strategy can be summarised as follows:

Reinforcing its position in the Benelux area
Van Gansewinkel is the market leader in the Benelux area and seeks to establish long-term partnerships with its customers. Van Gansewinkel’s waste and sustainability vision, coupled with its scale, wide range of services and expertise with respect to logistics, recycling and raw materials, sets it apart from its competitors.

Connecting collection and recycling; expanding as a supplier of raw materials
Waste is a valuable source of secondary raw materials. Van Gansewinkel will further develop and grow as a supplier of raw materials, using both its own innovative treatment and recycling plants as well as the services of third parties. Van Gansewinkel’s practical yet sophisticated knowledge of materials is highly valued by its customers. Besides managing the main material streams (plastics, metals, wood, paper, minerals and combustible and hazardous waste) Van Gansewinkel also establishes partnerships with its customers for tailor-made take-back and recycling solutions. In addition, Van Gansewinkel advises customers on the composition of their products, to optimise them for recycling purposes. By doing this, Van Gansewinkel enables value retention of raw materials and avoids fossil exhaustion. This fits perfectly with Van Gansewinkel’s ‘Waste No More philosophy.

Maintaining its position in Europe
For its waste collection business, Van Gansewinkel focuses on the Benelux area. The expertise in the field of waste and environmental solutions that it has acquired in the Benelux area is also applied in Central and Eastern Europe, where Van Gansewinkel will seek to grow its present position. With respect to its recycling operations, Van Gansewinkel targets further growth throughout Europe in both WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and glass. It will also further develop products originating from the recycling processes of Van Gansewinkel Minerals.