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Reuse and

Reuse and recycling

How many mobile phones have you gone through in recent years? Do you remember what you did with your old mobile phone when you bought a new one? This might seem like a strange question, but for us it is not strange at all. After all, 200 mobile phones contain enough gold to make one wedding ring. In our eyes, a mobile phone is therefore not waste. It is a product that contains valuable raw materials. That is why we are doing our best to collect products like these and to reuse their components.

Waste is valuable

We can recycle paper 7 times. Glass can be recycled endlessly. By recycling 1,000 kilos of rubble we can prevent the carbon emissions generated by a car travelling from Amsterdam to Paris and back again. These are just a few examples of recycling, but this is what we do every day and these are the results. And, to be frank, reuse and recycling should also be something you do every day, because the more you know about the value of waste, the more effectively you will separate it and the less waste you will ultimately have left over…. and the less you will have to pay for.

Give waste a second life

Here at Van Gansewinkel we help you to think in terms of waste streams so that you can separate your waste and present it separately for collection, enabling us to then reuse and recycle it. And, more importantly, so that together we can prevent waste. Waste streams – like paper and cardboard, foil and glass – are valuable. The more you know about sorting, reusing and recycling, the more waste we will be able to give a second life.