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Renewi nominated for the Customer Experience Award

07 April 2017

Van Gansewinkel, part of the newly created waste-to-product leader Renewi, has been nominated for the Customer Experience Award for the eighth year in a row. Research organisation Integron annually awards organisations that excel in the field of customer satisfaction for which it examined customer satisfaction scores of over 1.200 Dutch and Belgian companies. Van Gansewinkel has won the award six times in recent years.

With an average score of 8.4 last year, the waste recycler performed best in the category of Professional Services as a result of improved scores on the pillars Account Management, Billing and Reliability of service.

“Customer satisfaction is what all our activities are based around and is derived from how we organise and carry out our services each day. This nomination is particularly valuable as we continuously strive to improve our customer satisfaction each year”, commented Gijs Derks, Director at Renewi. “We are therefore particularly proud to be nominated. It shows what our customers think of our work and is an indication of how they view the value added by Van Gansewinkel as a service provider. In addition, this is also a nice boost for our new company Renewi, in which Van Gansewinkel has recently joined forces with Shanks. It is through this strong combination we are able to offer our customers even more. Of course next year we hope to win the nomination again."

Integron will be presenting the 2017 Experience Awards at the Hotelschool The Hague on 16 May 2017.