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Shanks Group plc and Van Gansewinkel complete their merger and rebrand as Renewi plc, a major contributor to the circular economy

28 February 2017

Following the completion of the merger with Van Gansewinkel Groep B.V. (“Van Gansewinkel”) announced earlier today, Shanks is delighted to announce that it will be re-launching the combined business under a new brand, which will include re-naming the Company from Shanks Group plc to Renewi plc. The change will be reflected on the London Stock Exchange and trading will commence under the new ticker “RWI” on 1 March 2017.

Renewi is a leading waste-to-product company ideally positioned to be part of the solution to some of the main environmental problems facing society today: reducing waste, avoiding pollution, and preventing the unnecessary use of finite natural resources. Our combined recycling capabilities will contribute to preserving our environment by transforming waste into valuable new products and raw materials. The circular economy aims to eradicate waste and this is fully aligned with Renewi’s vision to “waste no more”.

The new name, Renewi, reflects the heritage of the legacy companies, their complementary businesses and expertise, and their combined position at the centre of the circular economy. The name also highlights that innovation to develop new products and high-quality secondary raw materials is very much part of Renewi’s future.

Following extensive planning that has been underway prior to completion, a new senior management team has been put in place to help ensure the integration of the businesses progresses seamlessly and at pace. See the new Executive Committee here:

Peter Dilnot, Chief Executive Officer of Renewi, said:
“Renewi brings together Shanks and Van Gansewinkel to create a new, international waste-to-product leader. By giving new life to used materials, we will protect the world from contamination, preserve finite natural resources, and enable customers to meet their sustainability goals. With our deep international expertise we also provide them with an extensive product range, combined with local service and attention.

The circular economy is something that we are passionate about and this is captured by Renewi’s fundamental vision to ’waste no more’.”

With around 8,000 employees across nine countries in Europe and North America, Renewi has deep expertise and an extensive breadth of waste management products and services. Renewi is focused on its partnerships with manufacturers to develop innovative ways to reuse waste, and is committed to its customers, employees and society. Our projects include: closed loops partnering with Phillips to produce a vacuum cleaner made from 30% recycled plastic from discarded old vacuum cleaners; working with Miele to deliver back cast iron for washing machines; producing bricks from ashes formed by incinerators; and creating packaging from crop waste.

Peter Dilnot continued:
“For us, waste is a state of mind, an opportunity. When we take away someone’s waste we then give it new life. We transform a wide range of used materials into valuable products for our customers, like recycled paper, metal, plastic and glass, clean water, woodchips and compost, energy and fuel, and other products.”

In any given year, Renewi will:

  • Recycle around 1.2 million tonnes of glass a year. That translates to around 4.7 billion glass bottles, or nine bottles for every person in the European Union
  • Recycle some 552,000 tonnes of paper and card a year. That is equivalent to nearly 2 billion newspapers
  • Recycle around 1.8 million tonnes of demolition and rubble wastes a year; enough to build more than 15,000 houses
  • Avoid 2.88 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year – that’s the equivalent of the total CO2 emissions of almost all the households in Amsterdam
  • Recycle or recover energy from nearly 90% of the waste we receive, transforming around 14 million tonnes of waste into valuable products or energy each year
  • Treat approximately 900 million litres of water per year, an activity that is critical in preventing potential pollution

Renewi operates across five divisions:

Netherlands Commercial – Collecting, sorting, treating and recycling commercial and household waste in the Netherlands
Belgium Commercial – Collecting, sorting, treating and recycling commercial and household waste in Belgium
Hazardous Waste – Treating soil, water and packed chemical waste at our flagship ATM facility and conducting specialist industrial cleaning in the Netherlands
Monostreams – Managing a range of waste streams which focus on specific end markets such as glass, electronic goods, organics and minerals in Europe
Municipal – Operating long-term waste management contracts with local authorities in the UK and Canada